Ministry Investment Campaign Info

Ministry Investment Campaign

The Elders, Pastor Dave, and the staff of Grace Bible Church are
pleased to announce our new Ministry Investment Campaign,

Grounded In Faith - Growing To Serve

The purpose of this campaign is to fund a new building on our campus
that will support our growing ministries to the children and youth of our

For the last several years, building plans have been discussed and designed.
Now our church is taking real steps to move forward with construction, which
will be on a pay-as-you-go basis without adding debt.

The goal of the Grounded In Faith - Growing To Serve campaign is to raise
$350,000 over the next three years. Our church will raise these funds based
upon each person's willingness and ability to give; some will give small amounts,
while others can give more.

For example:

  • 2 gifts of $25,000:                                  $  50,000
  • 10 gifts of $10,000 average ($64/wk):   $100,000
  • 65 gifts of $3,120 average ($20/wk):     $202,800
  • 77 gifts total:                                          $352,800

There are a lot of components to the Grounded In Faith - Growing To Serve campaign,
with many people contributing their talents in their area of calling (I Cor. 12:12, Eph. 4:16).

Here's a list of the members of Grace Bible Church who will be serving as team leaders:

Chairs: Tom Watson; Fred Harris
Managers: Kellyanne Brandt; Barbara Harrington
Students: Randy & Jana Jordan
Publicity: Randy & Nancy Lee
Media: Randy Lee
Fellowship groups: Carl Heise; Earlene Palmer
Celebration Service: Mindi Heise
Refreshments: Debra Watson; Linda Harris
Children's party: Jami Wiseman
Opening reception: Mindi Heise
Table Hosts: Robert & Nyla Kolterman
Commitment responses: Rachel Hake
Prayer: Fred Harris
Follow-up: Lara Frederick
Decorations: Jana Jordan

Please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions to each leader about
their area of service. And above all, please remember to pray for the Lord's
guidance and blessings as we seek His will for Grace Bible Church!

Campaign Calendar

  • Sept 24               Introduction of Leaders
  • Oct 20-22            Fellowship Group Meetings
  • Nov 3-4               Prayer Weekend
  • Nov 6-11             Week of Devotional Readings and Household Prayer
  • Nov 15                Students Meeting
  • Dec 3                  Celebration Event & Dinner
  • Dec 10                Commitment Responses/Cornerstone Offering
  • Dec 11-16           Commitment Response Contacts
  • Dec 17                Report Results
  • Dec 2017-2020   Giving Period

To download the Grounded in Faith - Growing to Serve brochure, click here.

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